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Who we are

Piicco Talents is specialized in strategic talent management, organizational development, leadership and performance coaching.

Piicco Talents was founded to help individuals, teams and organizations energize their potential and increase their agility to evolve, excel and succeed.
We believe that agility is a distintive trait of those who succeed and stand out. Investing in agility is profitable. It is a powerful lever for individual and collective performance.
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Our difference


Over 26 years
Culture transformation and technology projects
Sport Technology


Organisational development
Strategic talent management
Executive and performance coaching


ACC Coach
Certified Barrett Consultant
M.B.A. Organizational Development
MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Our innovation

Piicco is the 1st online athletic talent management app.

Athletic talent management made easy and smart.


A dedicated app for athletes and sports organizations to connect in real time, evolve and create opportunities.

Powered by live, cloud, data collection and intel, it’s an evolution from traditional athletic talent management to propel athletes today and tomorrow

One Platform.


Connect. View. Develop. Track. Retain. Propel.

We are introducing an online assessment on 5 dimensions of agility.

Technical / Tactical





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Piicco™  is the local winner of the first OSEntreprendre prize for technological and technical innovation 2021 for the East End of Montreal division.

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Dany Trudel

Founder & CEO

Dany is an entrepreneur and business leader with more than 26 years of experience in large national and international high performance organizations in strategic talent management, human resources and corporate performance.

She has extensive experience in coaching leaders and managers in developing their leadership and talent, as well as in the success of their transformation and change projects. Her goal is to optimize the potential and contribution of human capital.

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